Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This is my "shelf"!!!! well it is a picture of shenique sitting on my "shelf"..... this was taken like 5 years ago.... but she has always had a nice comfortable place to sit, all through high school and still even now. SEE no hands even.. i can walk around with her just sitting on my "shelf" and she won't even fall off. FUN STUFF!!! i love ME, MY "SHELF", AND SHENIQUE TOO!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

look at my boy

 my sister in law Laura took these pics of benjamin a while back and i just got around to putting them on here.... they are so stinkin cute ..... i just cant get over them. we posed him and his cousin emma together too , they look like they belong in a calender. on the last pic she was going to brighten his eyes but they where already that color of blue that anything you did to them made them look really fake. those are his very own beautiful blue eyes.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sisters with spunk!!!

 Look at us sisters together, how fun are we. we are some sexy lookin chicas.... right?  the twins and I were making the Rhonda down right nervous. On the bottom pic i made eye contact with her and made her stay..... i hypnotized her. this was the only pic that i got her to be silly in. we are awesome possum.
My mom came into the pic too..... and am i so glad that she did. this was one of my favs. Cant wait til we can have another....... SnAp ...... woRk iT giRlS.... oh ya you know it..... your loOkInG GoooOOOoD.

My dear sweet little Grandma Tuckfield, has gone to see her sweetheart in paradise. This  is a memory that we will have of her...... walking down the Red carpet , with a boa, and sunglasses... this diva struts her stuff. we will miss you but hope that you will look after us, until we meet again.

Monday, October 10, 2011

sister wives.....

Me and jimmy , jimmy and i are so into watching this show.... i know i know its crazy beans right! well its just interesting to us and jimmy thinks he is a scummy guy and thinks that robyn the newest wife gets way more attention,  i disagree i think she gets the right amount of attention for a new wife. Right ? dont new wives or new relationships get way more attention than older ones. its kinda like kids when they are babies they get all this attention, everyone wants to hold the baby , everyone fights over the baby. until it POOPS. so when Kody's new wife Robyn ,(yes we know them on a first name bases) actually POOPS.... then is when the rest will start to get the attention again and it will all even out. Anyways crazy lives out in the world and we get to watch them, really is a waste of time. but it is fun sometimes too. Jimmy would never want to have more than one of me ........ oh wait he does...... i have multiple personalities.... so its just like he has many wives. Now i know why he stays at work for so long. Ha Ha he he hO hO

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love love love this pic. and it goes out to my friends, who i miss so much. My best friend from high school, Shenique , and my little "chewy" I love you you and just want you to know that i dont have to be forced to smile when i think of you.